Sparkling Wine

Méthode Champenoise
Made in California


Grapes picked between 17 and 20 Brix
Double fermentation
Aged on lees at least 6 months

Appellation: California 

Composition: 84% Chardonnay, 8% Sauvignon Blanc, 8% French Colombard

Tasting Notes

Subtle notes of honeysuckle, strawberry, and toasted brioche; an elegant combination of acidity and sweetness.


Serving Suggestions

Serve chilled. Enjoy on its own or pair with seafood, stuffed mushrooms, or pasta with cream sauce.

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“A slip of silk and a brush of lace. A delicate touch with a warmth that spreads like a summer’s day. Naughty or nice? You decide.”

Sparkling Wine

The Age-Old Méthode Champenoise Tradition.

Grapes are picked early for high acidity and low sugars typically at 17-20 Brix. They then go through normal white wine fermentation. After fermentation, the wine is bottled with a small mixture of sugar and yeast to initiate the second fermentation. The second fermentation creates about 1.3% more alcohol and creates carbon dioxide which is trapped inside the bottle thus carbonating the wine. The wine is aged on the lees for 6 months then riddled and rested for 3-4 weeks to collect the lees at the neck of the bottle then disgorged, the lees is frozen and popped out. A 1.25% dosage is added then cork, wirehood and foil are added.